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Having a single source of accountability and decision making will bring efficiencies to your project that you just can't realize without this type of integrated development process. With Master's expertise in all areas of Development, Construction and Engineering, you'll know our professionals will be looking out for your best interest every step of the way.

Keg House Exterior Master: Engineering • Real Estate • Construction

Keg House Arts Building
34 - 13th Ave NE Suite 102A
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Fax: 612.872.9201

Minneapolis Urban Development and Real Estate Specialist

We are a full service Real Estate Group with professionals specializing in Mixed use, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Multi-family Residential Real Estate Development.

Expertise in all Phases of Real Estate Development

Our team begins your project by completing a detailed financial and feasibility analysis for each phase. We partner with our clients by completing a full financial model for the entire project beginning with the site selection process, design, development, construction and project close-out.

Opportunity to Give Back to Our City

Over the past 25 years, the Master team has created a network and system of best practices that treats urban development and building construction as a seamless and efficient process. We have built our reputation as a company that is known for socially responsible urban development in partnership with other professionals and community participants.

With each client as a partner, our projects and our city/neighborhoods are benefited by providing a focused and repeatable system that guarantees dollars spent create value. As a company, Master enjoys each opportunity to work with new clients and share our professional skills and experience in development and construction.

Master Real Estate Services:


  • Land Use Plans
    • Financial & Profitability Analysis (Proformas)
    • Code Compliance and/or Regulatory Issues
  • City Approvals/Permits/Entitlements
  • Retail/Commercial/Office/Industrial
    • Multi-family Residential / Mixed-Use
    • Build to Suit / Owner’s Representation
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Environmental Grand Funds: Application And Financial Management with Granting Agencies

Real Estate Brokerage Services:

  • Residential Multi-family Apartments
  • Commercial Corporate Services
  • Sales
  • Leasing
  • Tenant / Buyer Representation
  • Investment Sales / Land Sales

Property Preservation Services:

  • REO / Bank Asset Stabilization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Distressed Properties

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