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You have a vision; whether you want to develop a piece of land, convert an existing building to a new use, or are looking for new development opportunities… Master will make your vision become a reality. Your vision will become a reality with a single point of contact responsible for your entire project.

We’re Passionate About Development in Minneapolis and St. Paul

It’s what makes us get out of bed and work hard every day. Like you, we look at the Twin Cities and see potential for new commercial and residential development throughout the cities. In many instances, smart development can save historic buildings that give our city character and bring vitality once again to certain areas. New buildings positioned within existing commercial nodes brings retail and services not presently available in certain neighborhoods. This type of positive impact to neighborhoods and our city is what drives us.

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What we do:

  • Design / Build / Development
  • Brokerage / Sales / Leasing
  • Urban Development Specialists
Waterbury-Tanka Interior Master: Engineering • Real Estate • Construction

Eiden Building-North Loop Gateway
201 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Fax: 612.872.9201